S T. E D W A R D ' s  H A L L  O F F I C I A L  M E R C H A N D I S E

      For Sale to Students and Alumni by post:

S P E C I A L  O F F E R

                                                                    133rd Anniversary T-Shirt  
                                                         Stand with Steds, and let everyone know it!

E V E R Y D A Y  W E A R

                      Crew Neck        
                This classic grey crewneck with old-school fleeced 
                lettering is a throw back. Comfortable, warm, and 
                old-school, this crew neck will keep you warm while 
                letting people know we are a people of tradition, 
                who have won hall of the years 6-years straight. 

                   Classy and functional, this quarter zip is 
                   in the same vein as those made by Patagonia 
                   but at a far more reasonable price. From the 
                   front, there will be no doubt that you care 
                   to share your status as a proud domer and 
                   stedsman. From the back, the embroidery 
                   on the collar is meant to subtly remind 
                   those who ride in your wake just who the 
                   greatest sons of Notre Dame truly are. 

                What better way to show your true colors than 
                flying a Steds flag? Works in all weather conditions.
                                                If you enjoy staying warm in the cool months 
                                                and enjoy the flexibility that some with an elastic 
                                                waistband these Steds sweatpants are for you. 
                                                Recommended by the Career Center as appropriate 
                                                attire for Wall Street interviews, the crown of our 
                                                founder will blow away recruiters from even the 
                                                most selective firms.

                                                  The most important bowtie you’ll ever buy. 
                                                  A must for any gentleman.

                                                                     Drawstring Tote Bag
                                                  Represent your hall on and off the court. Roll 
                                                  into Rolfs or the Bookstore courts with a little swag.     
                                                  These green drawstrings will catch the eye of your 
                                                  opponents before and after you beat them. 

                       Order Anniversary Shirt Here:                         



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