P R E S I D E N T I A L  D E B R I E F

  By: Griffin Hilly, Junior, Illinois

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, I could swear that just yesterday summer break ended and we were unloading our cars with the makings of another great school year. The bitter cold and permanent grayness of a South Bend winter suggests otherwise. 

Nay, fall semester has almost run its course, and what a fall semester it has been! These three months have been chock-full of planned events and spur-of-the-moment gatherings that have showcased exactly the kind of brotherhood St. Ed’s is known for around campus.

This new academic year saw fifty-two young men join our hall as incoming freshmen, quite a sizable freshmen class. They’ve certainly made their collective presence felt, willingly tackling all that the University and our upperclassmen throw at them. We’ve seen unprecedented levels of attendance at nearly all of the activities the Hall chooses to engage in. Raiding parties that English kings would envy have descended upon the reflecting pool every home game morning bearing the flag of St. Edward’s. Dozens of Steds teams braved an unseasonable chill in October in the Battle of the Shadow, a tournament that saw an all-Steds final. The Navy-game pep rally saw Brian Kelly flustered once again with the uncontrollable roar of the fandom of St. Ed’s, not to mention a transcendent on-stage dance performance by our very own Logan Arnold (’19). And in perhaps our largest success of the semester, countless Stedsmen donned the 80s favorite ’do to raise over $7,000 for Mullets Against Malaria.

None of this would be possible without enthusiastic leadership, and besides Brandon and myself, there are numerous individuals worthy of praise. Our commissioners in particular have gone above and beyond the duty their job titles call them to. Parker Mathes (’18) nobly directed both Founders Week and the aforementioned Mullets. John Haley (’18), our social commissioner, organized quite the SYR, and Jon Carr (’18) stepped up and did what no former DJ thought possible: his perfect blend of 80s rock ballads and modern pop classics interspersed by slow love tunes kept the vast majority of dancers grooving well past midnight. There are countless others deserving of praise such that this letter could easily be a string of commendations followed by parenthesized class years. Instead I’ll simply say, to those of you who’ve given more than the Hall has asked, you know who you are, and we thank you.

Suffice to say, it’s been quite the semester and I eagerly await what the next semester has in store. For now, we look to the coming weeks before Finals and cherish every moment we have with one another. This community truly is my second home in the shadow of the Dome. I thank all of you for making it so.

Still lacking a proper salutation,

Griffin Hilly  (’17)