S E C O N D   O P I N I O N S: Thoughts from the VPs
By: Brandon Ruggles, Junior, Illinois

As everybody knows, any dynamic leadership duo requires a healthy mix of both brains and brawn, and I am proud to bring both to the table as I serve alongside President Griffin Hilly. 

Following our inauguration in the spring of 2015, our regime came in hot by organizing what may have been the only on-campus fight watch for the infamously disappointing May-Paq showdown. Complete with a dozen pizzas and several dozen freeloaders from other residence halls, our “boys’ night in” was attended by the grand majority of the Hall, setting the bar high for the type of camaraderie that we aimed to foster throughout our reign. 
Indeed, that bar has only been raised higher since the beginning of this school year. Perhaps nothing better depicts the growth of the family-centric culture of St. Edward’s Hall than the evolution of our beloved football Saturday floating tradition. Through hell, high water, and 8 AM wakeup calls, the Gentlemen of Steds fearlessly rallied to storm the reflecting pool in their most ridiculous attire with unprecedented levels of participation on the morning of all six home football games. We even put our trademark generosity on full display, graciously allowing the women’s residence halls to partake in our hallowed tradition alongside us. 

 Speaking of traditions, the St. Edward’s Hall “Mullets Against Malaria” fundraiser enjoyed quite a fruitful second year. After Stedsmen received what we’ll call “homemade haircuts” from one another during the inaugural Mullets campaign, we classed up the sequel by bringing in professional beauticians to ensure that our flow appropriately screamed business in the front and party in the back. Our efforts raised over $7,000 ($2,500 more than last year) for Nothing But Nets, which equates to roughly 700 bed nets for those in need. 

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the St. Edward’s Hall football team. Led by the fearless dual threat player-coach Phineas Andrews, this year’s squad went 4-0 (that’s not a misprint) during the regular season before falling in the playoffs. Some people might argue that the success of our football team has nothing to do with my reign as VP, but all I know is that we weren’t 4-0 when I wasn’t VP. 

As we head into the latter part of our term, there is still much to accomplish. I firmly believe that the men of St. Edward’s Hall are brothers to one another, and as a family, we have quite a bit to look forward to in the near future.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Brandon Ruggles (’17)