S E N I O R ' S   M O M E N T: Where everybody knows your name
  By: Brennan Lanier, Senior, Texas

“No other hall or group at Notre Dame or around the world has this type of awesome unity,”  I thought to myself, as chants of “Santo! Eduardo!” reverberated around legendary Fenway Park. After a text went out during the game, forty Gentlemen, ranging from the Class of 2006 to the Class of 2016, gathered in the lower deck after the win against Boston College. We shared stories and caught up, tried to get NBC postgame analyst and former Steelers receiver Hines Ward to join our picture (to no avail), and loudly proclaimed the name of everyone’s favorite saint… St. Edward! 

Nine hundred miles from our beloved Hall, we had taken over Fenway; is it too far away to qualify as our fifth floor? What are the implications of this for elevator etiquette? 

On a serious note, in my four years I have seen St. Ed’s evolve; we now have beautiful bathrooms, a more spacious area for the Gregorian, a cookout area to call our own, and wood floors in the chapel. These things are nice, but it is the people that make our Hall the best on campus. The brothers I have made here will be with me for life; we’ve been through thick and thin together, and I would do anything for them, as they would for me. This hall is a special place, with an incredible community; my friends and I will go separate ways soon, but never will we lose the spirit and love of Saint Edward’s Hall.

Steds forever!

Brennan Lanier