S P O R T S   R E P O R T
 By: Joe Grady, Junior, Missouri

    As expected, it was another standout semester for the men of St. Edward’s Hall intheir athletic endeavors! Thanks to the hearty class of aspiring freshman and strong upperclassmen leadership, the Stedsmen successfully pieced together a cross-country, baseball, football, and championship caliber indoor-volleyball team. 

Freshman cross-country superstar, Logan Arnold, led the way for the Steds XC team this fall, and when asked to comment on the season, he promptly disregarded the question and spoke of next year’s “undefeated season” with fire in his voice. 

Unfortunately, Arnold has asked that his comments not be released to the press for fear of inflated off-season expectations. Is that a “team-first” mentality I see? Why yes, yes it is. Needless to say, the kid and the XC team are expected to arouse quite the excitement next season.

On the diamond, Steds baseball put forth an impressive playoff run. Under the senior leadership of Chris Hecht and rising stars, Brian “Fast” Ball and “Tommy” John Ryan, the team fielded a full 9 players every game! After reaching the playoffs, it was ultimately a lack of upper cut swings and home run mentalities that lead to the demise of the season. However, in the words of Mr. Ball, the team “indulged in the rich lessons the game has to offer.” And with that, what else can a team ask for?

Here in Steds, we treat all fall sports with lavish amounts of attention, but just like any parent, we have a favorite. One sport reigns supreme in popularity and is recognized as fit for the most elite…. football. 

Described by many as the physical manifestation of terror, the Steds football team dominated regular season opponents, landing the coveted #1 seed in the playoffs. Recreational player-coach, Phineas Andrews, says that “after implementing our hall wide optionally-mandatory morning workouts, it was the DAD defense: Devastate, Anticipate, Dominate, that took our team to the next level.” 

Also at the reins of the team was John Rutkowski, who offered his sentiment on the season: “We owe our season of domination to the combination of hard work, determination, and a playful bounty system. Throughout the season, the boys were more physical than any team we encountered, allowing us to implement our ground and pound attack to belittle our opponents both physically and emotionally.”

The coaches are not wrong. Losing only to Dillion in the playoffs (due to some shady umpiring and political penalty calls), the men of Steds rolled past Fisher, Sorin, Carroll, and Zahm, allowing the least points of any team in the league. They showed great fortitude in times of tribulation and unheard-of cohesiveness on and off the field. Losing only one senior this off-season, this team is counting down the days until next fall, when the hunt for the stadium begins once more. All in all, whether player or coach, fan or follower, male or female, it was a great semester to be a Stedsman! 

It is with great honor that I call myself this year’s sports commissioner,

Yours now and forever,

Joe Grady