Mullets Against Malaria


In 2013, at the direction of the Hall President, Michael Murphy, the Vice Presidents, Patrick Krauss and Christian Verhamme, the Hall mobilized to undertake one the administration’s many campaign pledges: a campaign against malaria.

That campaign continues on, raising thousands of dollars for Nothing But Nets, a charity that provides mosquito nets to those living in areas affected by malaria. By having their hair cut into that legendary 80’s hair style known as the “mullet,” Stedsmen proudly sport their unique coiffures on campus, drawing attention to the disease as well as raising funds for the charity. Only when the fund raising target has been reached do the mullets come off… and thankfully that has been sooner rather than later! Last year, under the direction of Matt Lupo, the Hall’s Mullet Against Malaria Commissioner, the Hall raised $8,339.00 for Nothing But Nets.